Intercontinental Security Logistics Company (ISLC)


Who We Are

Intercontinental Security Logistics Company (ISLC) is a global high-asset storage and transportation company for businesses and individuals to store their valuables including fine art, antiquities, jewelry, coins, precious metals, and precious stones. ISLC has the highest quality, high-tech state-of-the-art secured storage facilities, armored cars, private planes, and highly qualified staff to ensure your valuables are protected at all times. ISLC has facilities in the US, United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, South Africa, Ghana, New Zealand, and the Cayman Islands.

ISLC’s private vaults are a perfect alternative to a bank safe deposit box for storing larger quantities of valuables. Some vaults are ultra-high-security refuges fit for James Bond while others are more accessible secure facilities. These offshore private vaults are an excellent international diversification strategy for the privacy offered and high-quality legal asset protection for physical assets.

For some nationalities, such as US citizens, precious metals stored in a private vault outside the banking system are exempt from tax reporting, making these offshore private vaults a boon to your tax strategy; and unlike offshore safe deposit boxes, offshore private vaults are outside of the banking system, which means that they’re a safer alternative to banks. Whatever you consider valuable, we consider valuable too. We will take full liability* for every shipment we handle anywhere in the world.


Transport your assets to us. We'll vault them and insure them.


You lock it up and keep the key. Large units.


You lock it up and keep the key. Small units.