Vaults/High-Value Asset Protection

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Vaults/High-Value Asset Protection

ISLC’s vault security system is based on Infrared Radiation and GSM Technology, and time- locking systems. ISLC offers purpose-built vaults, protected by cutting-edge security and sophisticated technology, which surpasses the standards even set by banks. Our facilities have the latest technology in construction and are graded VDS-tested vaults.

Maximum Security

ISLC’s 11 interlocking, redundant layers of electronic security make us among the safest facilities available to the precious metal investor. In fact, we are approved for coverage by AXA-XL and Lloyd’s of London, the two largest global high-value insurers. Speak to us if you have questions.

Siemens, the global giant of advanced security services, manages and monitors ISLC’s security system. In addition, our state-of-the-art fire detection and non-liquid suppression system is on guard 24/7/365. No one enters ISLC storage areas without security and biometric screening. We have a zero loss record. For times of civil emergencies, ISLC retains Tier One operators.

Trusted by Precious Metals IRA Providers

ISLC is an accepted insured vault facility for Forge Trust, one of the industry’s largest Precious Metals IRA providers. .

We have years of experience with the specialized reporting required. If your needs include insured vault storage for IRA precious metals assets, please call and learn how we can make the process easy

3 Questions to ask about Gold and Silver Storage.
Can I inspect my metals in person?

Most vaults prohibit or discourage customer visits, either by design or by their remoteness. Some restrict you to a video clip or a camera look-through. ISLC is different. We offer private rooms where you can manage your precious metals in person. Appointments must be made for these services.

Are the precious metals I deposit the exact same metals I get back when I withdraw?

ISLC provides “segregated” precious metals storage only. This means there are physical barriers between each depositor’s metals. Intermingling is impossible. The assets you store are always the exact same assets you get back when you withdraw. Smart investors accept nothing less.

Does the insurance name me as payee?

Many vaults carry inexpensive “blanket” policies that can fall far short. At ISLC your AXA-XL policy is in your name, specifically naming you as payee.