Armored Transport/Courier Service

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Armored Transport/Courier Service

When ISLC refers to “Armored Transport and Courier Services,” we are referring to the safe and secure transportation of legal property from point of origin to point of designated delivery. Many high-net-worth individuals and businesses have high-value assets that require secure point-to-point transport. ISLC works with individuals and businesses in need of secure transport and/or static security/protection of valuables to offer professional and efficient solutions to deter, detect, deny or best avoid criminal attention and criminal activity. ISLC specializes in the protection/security of individuals and businesses in a variety of industries; such as jewelry wholesale/trading, trade events, museums, investment firms, precious metals, and mining.
We understand that it can be difficult to find a courier you can trust to transport your high- value assets. We provide a discreet and professional service. We offer a bespoke service and at times enabling your staff to travel with your items, giving you complete peace of mind. ISLC is often called upon for high-value asset protection and transport services for jewelers and their products when they arrive at an airport and need to get to a buyer or other locations in unfamiliar territory. This service is typically conducted low profile and discreet in a manner so as not to draw attention to the client. This armed service is accompanied by a rented/leased vehicle, so it cannot be traced back to the client in any way. Other assets to be protected and transported may include executives, family, art, collectibles, currency, celebrities, public figures, government officials, and foreign dignitaries. Though the list is lengthy, it is not all-inclusive. ISLC’s global services specialize in managing your risk through safe, secure transportation and the handling of your valuables. Transportation is meticulously coordinated and transported by armored vehicles and personnel, air charters (fixed-wing and helicopters), and armed messengers.

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With over 30 years of experience, we are well-placed to add value at every point in the secure logistics supply chain.

Management at every point in the logistics process including:

Secure Storage

Customs Clearance

Secure Transportation

Proactive risk assessment of the supply chain.

Armored vehicles with specially trained staff to meet your cargo at the plane

Valuables delivered directly to your specified vault (airport authorities or handling agents)

Online Tracking of your valuables at every point through to delivery

Shipments in transit, from pick up to delivery, are vulnerable to incidents like theft and damage. They may also be vulnerable in more dangerous instances, such as the unbeknownst transportation of illegal items, drugs, or weapons. To prevent these instances and assure the safety of shipments, ISLC’s global security transportation and logistics security team log information and responds to suspicious activity appropriately.  Transportation and logistics facilities are responsible for maintaining various logs, such as truck and material logs, departure and arrival logs, and staff, employee, and visitor logs. These logs are vital to record and monitor subtle or potential discrepancies. Inspection work is also important for the legal and physical securities of your facility—these tasks include full truck inspections, confirming drivers’ IDs at checkpoints, and reviewing delivery or pick-up documents. A certified armed security agent onsite ensures that logs and inspections are done correctly and thoroughly. ISLC will protect your site from potential intruders, illicit activity, and other destructive occurrences. Entrust your transportation and logistics facility to ISLC for the highest level of professional security.